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About Pretty Much Gone

Welcome to  We have all sorts of aspirations about inspiring you and making you laugh and all the goods, but when we get to the heart of it, we just want you to buy something.  Today.

Here’s the skinny: we started our basement business in July of 2017 and have been working our weekends away ever since.  We’ve tried to fill our site with designs that you’ll love (unless you have terrible taste, of course) and a side of humor – don’t worry, there’s no charge for that.

We are a custom apparel business, specializing in snapback-style hats and custom tees.  We offer FlexFit options on most of our hat designs and love to design custom looks that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to track down.  (If you are interested in a FlexFit version of one of our designs, hit up our ‘Contact Us’ page and let us know what you are looking for.  We’ll be in touch shortly because all we do is watch our email for new orders.)

The cool thing about our products is that they are cut and laid in our little shop – which means we don’t produce thousands and thousands of hats that you’ll see all around town.  We custom design each of our pieces and if you want in on the action, you better snatch because we will take down and add product whenever we are bored.

We’ve given you some popularity help by sectioning off our best-selling hats in a section called, you guessed it, ‘Best Sellers’; these are the gems that continue to be favorites at shows and through our site.  If you are looking for a gift for that weird second cousin, this section is your jam.  These are the “can’t go wrong with that” hats that are guaranteed to be a crowd favorite.

We also have a section for couple’s gear called ‘Better Together’.  These are hat sets that we give you a bit of a price break on because they come in pairs and we think that’s only fair.  You’ll find some traditional (Mr. and Mrs.) pairing and some more subtle tributes to being a couple (check out our ‘Sweet Dreams’ hats and you’ll see what we mean).  If you have special needs or requests for your own couple’s hats, fill out our contact form and we’ll see what kind of dreamy pairings we can come up with for you.

Shop around.  Find what you love.  OR send us some thoughts on something you need, and we’d be glad to engage our design team to get you the right gear for your style.  We do a ton of logo work (‘Small Businesses’ is for you business owners that don’t want to deal with minimum orders or the hassle of tiered pricing.)

We love custom projects and one-off orders.  We mean loooooove them.  And we do them on the daily, so your ideas are almost always welcome*. (Read the disclaimer.  Just do us all a favor and read it so we don’t have to go through the hassle of rejection in the middle of our budding relationship, ok?)

(Fair warning: custom jobs generally run a few extra bucks because we are CUSTOM PRINTING a very small amount of product.  We promise not to gouge you though – it’s such a terrible word.  And we will give you a heads-up on the pricing before we get moving on anything.)

Our custom orders spill over into small batches as well; we’d love to work with you on designing goods for a family trip, a wedding party or your work team.  Just fill out the form on our ‘Contact Us’ page and let us know what you are looking for.

Our mission at is to product high-quality goods that you love so that you tell your friends and come back for more.  We hope you enjoy looking through the site for unique designs and original style that you can only find here.  We hope you enjoy our products as much as we do.

*Please don’t come to us asking us to copy a design.  We would hate if someone poached our stuff and we would never intentionally do that to another designer.  Any similarities you may see are strictly coincidental as all our products are designed in-house.  We obey copyright laws so official gear for sports teams and the like are off the table – but original fan gear ideas are welcome.