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There are several reasons that you may need to email us: to tell us you like our hats, to ask us for our autographs or to tell us how really, really, ridiculously good looking we are.  All of these are ok and will likely receive a note of thanks.

You might also have questions about product.  In that case, fill out the info on this page so we can get back to you.  Some things you may be curious about include: “Is that hat that I saw last week still available?” or “Can I get this hat but with a different color graphic?” or “I need a special hat for my grandma’s 90th birthday.  Can you make one?”  All of these questions are great and we would be glad to chat with you about them.  Hit us up and try to provide as much information as possible; things like the number of hats you are looking to order, when you need them by and and whether you need design work are all good things to include.

We promise to get back to you just as soon as we can.  If it takes longer than 24 hours, maybe wait a little longer, we might have overslept.  If it takes longer than 48, there was for sure an issue and you should resubmit. 

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