Aloha White on Black Black
Aloha Pineapple Hat
Are you confused about whether to stay or to leave?  Did we end this conversation or just begin it?  Aloha can be hard, but it can also be AMAZING in our tribute to the islands.  You’ll see a lot of ‘Aloha’ hats on the web but none like this; we pay obvious tribute to the food (it’s what we do best) and then add a subtle, albeit adorable, ‘aloha’ off to the side.  Wear this on your next vacation to Hawaii, wear this to work next week while you are daydreaming about Hawaii; either way, we support you. Our hats are a high-quality, flat-billed snapback.  They are a cotton/poly/nylon blend and are not lined with foam.  The classic five-panel style stands out amongst its competitors as a premium product.
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