Black on Black - Utah Home - Gold
State pride.  We all have it.  It’s funny: even if we grew up in the middle of a cornfield, we still have nostalgia for home, even when everyone else is wondering what there is to be nostalgic about.  It’s engrained in us to defend our roots, wherever they are planted; in this case, it’s in 47 feet of snow.
For our ‘Home’ series, we teamed up with a local designer, Maren Howells, to design a tribute to our hood (Utah!) . . . and a couple of our neighbors.  And New York.  Because we love New York.  And because we can.  And we felt like it.  So there.
Our Utah hat gives us all the feels.  We live here, we love it here, and a good portion of our income comes from within these state walls so we figured we had better appeal to our core audience.  But mostly, we just love it.
If you neeeeeeed to represent (like we think everyone should), holler at us through the custom page and we’ll see what we can do to get your state immortalized on your forehead.
Our hats are a high-quality, flat-billed snapback.  They are a cotton/poly/nylon blend and are not lined with foam.  The classic five-panel style stands out amongst its competitors as a premium product.
$19.95 Select options