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Camping Couple


If romance is spelled t-e-n-t and you can think of nothing you’d rather be doing than sitting under the stars with your special someone, you are the right fit for our ‘Camping Couple’ set of snapbacks.  This charming pair includes our ‘Pees in the Trees’ hat as well as our ‘Light My Fire’ hat, a perfect pairing for the perfect pair.  The best part is that when you buy these two together, it comes with a discount that we normally save for our mailman.  Why buy one when two feels so good?

Our hats are a high-quality, flat-billed snapback with a breathable mesh backing.  They are a cotton/poly/nylon blend and are not lined with foam.  The classic five-panel style stands out amongst its competitors as a premium product.

Color choices listed are our stock options.  All designs and color combinations are fully customizable through our ‘Custom Order’ form.