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Light My Fire


We would venture to say that you wouldn’t even been on this page if you didn’t have an affinity for the outdoors.  We don’t blame you; there is so much to love.  But one of our favorite things about camping is the late-night bonding that only a campfire can bring.  Our ‘Light My Fire’ hat is the perfect addition to your summer and you next outing in the woods.  Our glowing embers are made of a copper glitter vinyl and there’s so good that you can almost feel the warmth.  Try it.  You won’t regret it.

Our hats are a high-quality, flat-billed snapback with a breathable mesh backing.  They are a cotton/poly/nylon blend and are not lined with foam.  The classic five-panel style stands out amongst its competitors as a premium product.

Color choices listed are our stock options.  All designs and color combinations are fully customizable through our ‘Custom Order’ form.

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