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We Built a Wall, We Built a… Hat


When we make a tribute hat, it generally doesn’t take a long time to pick a favorite character or line to chase down and design around.  Our Big Bang tribute was absolutely an exception.  We started with Leonard and shifted to Sheldon; there was a debate between Raj and his mute tendencies and Howard’s libido; every one of them has their shining moments and we just couldn’t create a tribute without including them all… or at least their hair.  True fans will get it, science nerds will respect it, your mom will ask you what band it’s for.  The world will be just as it should be once you own this hat.  Bazinga.

Our hats are a high-quality, flat-billed snapback.  They are a cotton/poly/nylon blend and are not lined with foam.  The classic five-panel style stands out amongst its competitors as a premium product.