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Pretty-much-gone-custom-snapback-hats-small-business-3Small business apparel – we get it – the sites that offer business swag on the cheap are really intriguing but who ever found good use for 750 lanyards and matching pens?  Anyone?  Anyone?  We didn’t think so.

Here’s the problem with big printers: they suck you in with the promise of “Shirts starting at $8.50,” and by the time you are done with set-up fees and design costs, minimums and shipping, each of your 10 shirts equates to $37.50.  And then you read the fine print: “You only get this price if the shirts are all white and made of toilet paper… oh, and you have to order a minimum of 37.”  Queue the depressing sitcom music.

We know that as a small business owner, you are doing everything that you can to keep your ship afloat, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look good while you are rowing.  Pretty Much Gone offers the highest-quality custom wear at really great prices – no hidden fees, no set-up mumbo jumbo.  So, when we quote your new snapbacks at $24.95 plus tax, (but free shipping to the lower 48) that’s what they will be – and we’re glad to print just one if that’s all you need.

At Pretty Much Gone, we are all about one thing: small businesses.  Why?  Because we are one.  We think that if a shirt costs $18 to make, it costs $18 to make.  There are always costs to be cut when you are ordering in mass quantities, but most small businesses aren’t doing that.  So, we’ll quote you a fair price on one hat or shirt, the same as we will on five.  We think it’s high-time that the small businesses supporting five guys get a leg up on the ones supporting 100.  (Just as a side note, if you do need 100, we love ya, but we probably aren’t your people.  Honestly, you WILL get a cheaper deal at a large printer… and we can tell you where, so just ask.)

Click the button below and fill out a contact form – let us know what your needs are for your small business and we promise that we’ll get back to you with more questions… because there are always more questions.  And if you are feeling the need for your small business ego to be stroked, take pride in the fact that it will likely be our President who contacts you; she’s basically the only one who does any work around here.